We do everything from dripping taps and blown fuses up to industrial objects – but no mass production.

Soon to be 115 years of experience in the areas of electrical engineering, utility services, solar engineering, building management, steel construction or CAD software solutions is the evidence: relaxing isn’t one of our strengths. At the same time we always stay true to our principles: to always be a little ahead of the times. A comprehensive service next to quality, reliability and using sustainable technologies is also part of this – no matter whether for a detached house or a large public project. We plan, consult, design, service, install, build, deliver. In short: we do everything so that a building is a joy for its users. Gebrüder Peters is not only our name, it is our promise.

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Really, craftsmanship is like art.

Our customers mostly come from industry. We also work for business operators or private customers. Even when we realize large objects each one is still individual, looks different, each one has its own attractiveness. Orders which no-one else wants to do are especially enthralling. For example when you have to work almost lying down, on your knees or 72 feet high.

Quality had already been

one of my

grandfather's principles.

Fritz Peters sen.

Life's not a bowl of cherries...

Unfortunately others were faster. Nevertheless, we would have liked to have built these: the Eiffel Tower, a seven star hotel in Dubai and the Shire in “Lord of the Rings”.

There has never

been a phase

in which we

could rest.

If we want

everything to stay

the same,

we have to

constantly change.

Fritz Peters jun.

Only new unusual ideas get you further in the end.


Art at work

Craftsmanship itself continuously reinspires us and quickens our passion to combine people and disciplines. Individual steel constructions, other types of cooperation and new ways of thinking are created at “Art at Work” in cooperation with artists such as Beat Zoderer or Gerhard Frömel as well as the Museum for Concrete Art in Ingolstadt. Craftsmanship embodies our personality which is perceptible and visible not only in industrial buildings but also in private households and detached houses.